Suave® Keratin Infusion Kit


This review was originally published by me on another blog I own & am no longer actively posting on.

2/29/12 My hair has always been naturally curly…My nickname when I was little was Shirley Temple if that gives you a clue (and if you’re over 30 you’ll know who I’m talking about). When Japanese Thermal Reconditioning 1st came out & I lived in PA, I actually used to travel to NYC to get it done (because it was that much cheaper there…always looking for a bargain). It’s been about 10 years since I last straightened my hair professionally & I’ve been hearing all this buzz about Keratin Treatments. I decided to try the Suave® Keratin Infusion Kit when I was shopping at Wal-Mart with my husband.

When I 1st read the box, I got a bit apprehensive as it says you should not use it at all on bleached or hair which is lightened significantly. You see, I recently went from dark drown to dark blonde… Being the brave soul that I am, I decided to go for it…after all, if it went bad I could just get my hair chopped since I have plenty of length 🙂
The process is 3 steps, 2 of which consist of rinsing so don’t start this unless you have plenty of time to finish it… When you apply the 1st product, it smells just like perm solution/relaxer so you know exactly what you’re in for (I only left it on for 15 min instead of the 20 directed). The 2nd step is slightly better smelling & the last step is a conditioner which is also sold separately that I WILL be buying since it is amazing! I’m posting my photo to show how my hair looks now & no, it’s not pin-straight but it is as straight as I would ever want it to be 🙂 If the directions are followed, yours should look awesome!
I wasn’t paid or endorsed by Suave in any way & my opinions are my own.

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