I had the pleasure of trying the Kiss Tornado Hair Dryer & am in love! I have naturally think hair that is a little longer than my shoulders right now & have always cursed my hair dryers since they took so long to dry my hair. I am not one to spend a ton on pricey tools, my past hair dryer brands consisted of Conair, Conair & more Conair… If you check out the technology that has gone into this hair dryer you will see why I love it so much!

Feature I love #1: The Spiraling Nozzle – this incredible hair dryer actually has a nozzle that spins & creates a “tornado” of air that dries hair super-fast! It also comes with a regular flat nozzle bit I love the spinning one 🙂

Feature I love #2: The turbo 1875 watt motor – Sort of like men liking fast cars, I love the powerful motor & high wattage of this dryer. It’s as if they read my mind when they created it (as well as the mind of every other woman with thick hair or who hates how dryers can take forever to dry).

Feature I love #3: The ceramic tourmaline technology. You’re wondering what the heck this means for you aren’t you? well, in short, it means that your hair texture will be smoother as a result of this “advanced technology”.


You can check out all the features here:

As a side note, I have checked to see where you can purchase it & it doesn’t look like it’s offered in stores just yet. I got my hands on mine by winning it in a “twitter party”. Stay tuned for more information, as I will post when it becomes available!


I was given the Kiss Tornado Hair Dryer from winning a giveaway & was not given the dryer in exchange for this review. My opinions are my own & do not represent the company.



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