Is lip gloss the new crack?


Ok, I’ll admit, the new crack is a bit extreme, but for me, it’s true! I have been addicted to lip gloss ever since I got my first Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker at the tender age of 10. Of course, back in those days I lived in Pennsylvania & could always use the excuse that my lips were dry, cracked or peeling from either dry or cold weather. These days I fully admit my addiction & my makeup box is literally bursting at the seams with glosses. I am much more particular these days about the gloss that I wear. Gone are the days when sticky & sweet are my preference. Now I like my lip gloss to make my lips feel smooth & infuse a bit of color as well. Fragrance/flavor is secondary but I like minty ones now since they make me feel as if my breath is freshened just by wearing them.

My favorite balm right now is EOS is Sweet Mint. At just $3.29 (at Walmart) it is reasonable & keeps my lips from getting dry. The great flavor also makes my breath smell great so it’s a win/win right here. More information on EOS at

My favorite all around gloss at the moment is Softlips in Coral. This gloss is so simple, just a great hint of color along with SPF 10 & never leaves lips feeling sticky. It’s ideal for me since it’s also small enough to have in the makeup bag & so inexpensive – you can actually find it at Walmart for less than $3! There isn’t a huge variety of colors, just 2 being coral & pearl. The Coral is a deeper shade of orange & very flattering for most skin tones. The pearl is a very light shimmery pink that would be great layered on top of another color of just left alone for that hint of shine. You can find out more information here:

What are your favorite lip glosses/balms?


I was not compensated in any form for this review & my opinions are my own.


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