Hello world, otherwise known as my life story only shorter.


Like so many of you, I am a Mom who also loves to try the latest & greatest products. I also am on a strict budget that doesn’t allow for much to be spent on beauty. What can I do, you ask? You can join me here where I’ll be reviewing budget-friendly products (which I already own or have received samples of or have won in some way). I will always disclose how I received the products & will also always give an honest review, especially since I don’t want my readers to feel duped into buying a product that doesn’t work. I have been interested in beauty since the tender age of 10 years old, which is when I picked up my first Vogue magazine. I haven’t looked back yet! I have, at times had a much higher beauty budget & have traveled pretty far all in the name of beauty.

I grew up in the Northeast part if the US & moved to Florida in 2007. I am only telling you this because I have a diverse background as far as beauty knowledge is concerned. I also went to beauty school & at one time had my aesthetician/nail technician license. I love to try new products as well as make some homemade. I hope to share some recipes for the homemade products & value all pertinent feedback.

Thanks for reading & come back real soon now, ya hear?


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